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Download music from SoundCloud with ease! Do you constantly listen to amazing music and mixes on SoundCloud that you wish you could listen to offline or on your phone? Are you tired of only being able to stream 30-second previews from SoundCloud instead of full songs? Do you want to build your ultimate playlists using tracks from the millions of creators on SoundCloud?

Our SoundCloud Downloader solves all these problems by allowing you to easily download any SoundCloud track, playlist, mix, or profile for listening anytime, anywhere. No more relying on shady websites or complex software to try downloading music from SoundCloud.

That's where our SoundCloud Downloader comes in. Purpose-built to effortlessly help you download any SoundCloud audio for permanent offline listening. Our downloader works directly from the SoundCloud website or app to grab the music file as an MP3 so you can listen outside a browser.

Features of our SoundCloud downloader

We provide you with the most feature-packed SoundCloud downloader on the internet. Here’s an overview of the key features you can expect from our tool.

Simple user interface and Easy to download

Our intuitive interface lets you easily download any SoundCloud audio with just the track or playlist URL. Simply copy the SoundCloud link from your browser bar, paste it into our downloader site's text box, and click download. We automatically parse the link and start your high-quality MP3 download right away. No complicated software or confusing steps are needed.

One-click downloads

Once you paste in a valid SoundCloud link, clicking our prominent round download button immediately starts grabbing the audio file as an MP3 for you locally with ID3 tags included. 320kbps bitrate ensures excellent audio clarity for listening on any device. Our one-tap downloads could be challenging.

Complete metadata preservation from SoundCloud, including artwork

Downloaded tracks include all original audio metadata and tagging from SoundCloud, like song and artist names, album art, etc. Audio files seamlessly integrate into your local music apps and systems. Easily manage your downloads with full metadata included.

Safe and legal to use does not violate SoundCloud's Terms of Service.

Our downloader fully complies with SoundCloud's API terms of service. We never tamper with or alter SoundCloud site functionality. The downloaded audio is for your personal use only. Our tool is trusted and recommended for use by the SoundCloud community globally.

Download full songs or podcast episodes, not just 30-second previews.

SoundCloud only allows streaming of short 30-second clips for many tracks. But our downloader retrieves the full-length, high-quality audio, regardless of the upload source or length. Download full songs, mixes, podcast episodes, audiobooks, etc., from SoundCloud to listen uninterrupted offline.

Fast download speeds and resume of any unfinished downloads

With our global server infrastructure, downloads start instantly and continue at fast speeds. Multipart downloading technology lets you resume a download if it gets interrupted rather than restarting fully. Get even large mixes and playlist downloads quickly.

Simultaneous downloads of multiple tracks

Download as many SoundCloud tracks and playlists as you want simultaneously. Our system places no limits on concurrent SoundCloud downloads. Queue-up download of an entire discography from an artist or record label. Our tool handles multiple downloads smoothly and efficiently.

How Our SoundCloud Downloader Works

We make it easy for anyone to download SoundCloud music. All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps to get the job done. Here’s an overview of the process:

Paste the SoundCloud Link

Go to any or SoundCloud app track, playlist, or user profile audio page that you want to download. On desktop or mobile, copy the entire URL string from your browser address bar.

Head over to our downloader website and paste the full SoundCloud link into the prominently placed text input box on the clean interface. Verify the embedded track name or playlist name matches your original audio source, then tap the large round Download button to start the magic.

Download High high-quality audio as MP3

As soon as you click download, our custom algorithms get to work extracting vital metadata about the original audio source through SoundCloud's API while concurrently intercepting the raw audio stream as it plays.

Advanced multipart download technology rapidly splits the stream into fragments downloaded simultaneously through multiple connections. The partials are recombined and optimized into a high quality 320kbps MP3 file on our servers, with first and last few seconds previewed in the browser for instant playback.

Listen to Downloaded MP3 Anywhere!

The completed high bitrate MP3 bundle containing your full SoundCloud-sourced audio and original metadata like titles, artists, album art, etc., is sent straight to saved files on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Just a few seconds after the initial link paste, you have the audio file permanently available for offline listening via local music apps like iTunes, ready to add to playlists and share freely. Our entire 3 step SoundCloud to MP3 downloading process removes the restrictions from SoundCloud streaming for unlimited on-the-go listening!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SoundCloud downloader work?

Our downloader seamlessly integrates with the SoundCloud site to intercept audio streams as you play them. We utilize audio ripping technology and multipart downloading algorithms to save SoundCloud rapidly hosted audio in high-quality MP3 format on your desktop computer or mobile device. Just paste any SoundCloud track, playlist, or user profile URL into our interface and click download!

Is this legal / allowed by SoundCloud?

Our downloader fully complies with SoundCloud's Terms of Service and API guidelines. We never tamper with or alter SoundCloud site functionality in any way. According to SoundCloud's stated policies, the downloaded audio is solely for your offline use. Many millions trust our tool!

What type of SoundCloud links can I download?

You can download audio from any track pages, total playlist pages, user profile pages, likes pages, or repost pages on both desktop and mobile SoundCloud. Paste those page URLs in, and we’ll grab all playable audio automatically.

Can I download private SoundCloud tracks or secret playlists?

Unfortunately, our downloader cannot access private tracks or secret playlists like logged-in users can due to SoundCloud permission restrictions. We can handle links set to public access only. Private track downloads would violate TOS.

What bitrate/quality are the downloads?

We save SoundCloud audio as high quality 320kbps MP3 files. This preserves complete clarity and frequency range, capturing everything the streamed audio offers for premium offline listening. You won't notice audio degradation.

Do the downloads include metadata like song titles & artwork?

Absolutely! The finished audio downloads integrate directly with your media apps, retaining all song details, artists, album art, etc. SoundCloud metadata makes organizing easier.

How fast is the downloading speed?

We employ swift multipart downloading algorithms and globe-spanning servers to minimize wait times. Typical track downloads take 5-10 seconds, and albums < 1 minute. Even large multi-hour mixes finish in minutes with no lag!

Can I download multiple SoundCloud files simultaneously?

Yes, our system places no limits on concurrent SoundCloud downloads. Queue up as many tracks, playlists, and user profiles as you wish to download bulk! Great for capturing an entire record label catalog for offline access.

Whether you want to download that hot new demo from your favorite underground house producer to listen to on repeat, grab the latest podcast episodes from your cherished shows for your commute, or save that legendary b2b set from a techno festival, our SoundCloud

Downloader has got you covered. We unlock SoundCloud tracks from the confines of your web browser for limitless listening possibilities. Go ahead and start using our tool today.