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Vimeo Video Downloader with Ease

Vimeo is a popular video sharing platform that hosts millions of high-quality, creative videos. However, by default, you can only watch Vimeo videos on their website while connected to the internet. If you ever want to download Vimeo clips to keep and watch offline at your convenience, our free online tool is exactly what you need!

With our Vimeo video downloader, you can easily save videos from Vimeo in just a couple clicks. There's no software to install or login required - it works instantly right in your web browser. Whether you're using Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, or any other device, our downloader seamlessly grabs Vimeo clips up to 1080p HD for offline viewing whenever you want.

We created this Vimeo downloading solution because we were tired of being unable to watch Vimeo videos without an internet connection. Now, we can save any engaging, useful, and creative video on Vimeo for viewing offline. We wanted an easy-to-use tool that didn't require technical know-how and worked universally across all devices. The result is this fast, free web-based Vimeo video downloader that anyone can use!

So, if you want to save clips from Vimeo quickly and easily, our downloader is the perfect choice. Read on to learn more about the benefits and how it works!

Key Features of Our Vimeo Downloader

Our Vimeo video downloader stands out from other tools because of its user-friendly features:

Simple 3-Step Process

Using our downloader tool only takes copying and pasting a Vimeo video URL into our site, selecting the desired video quality, and hitting the download button. You'll save Vimeo videos for offline enjoyment in just 3 quick, intuitive steps! Our easy-to-use interface works flawlessly on desktop and mobile.

Completely Free

We believe essential web tools should be free for everyone. No hidden fees, charges, ads, or subscriptions are required to use our Vimeo video downloader. We provide this service gratis so anyone can conveniently save Vimeo videos to watch offline without any costs.

No Software Installs

Our downloader runs instantly in your web browser. Unlike desktop downloader apps that require installing and setting up programs, our web-based tool doesn't require any software downloads or storage space. This means you can use it easily on any device's browser without concerning yourself with managing apps.

Download in HD

We allow downloading Vimeo videos up to crisp, clear 1080p High-Definition quality. This ensures you can save Vimeo videos at the highest visual fidelity for offline enjoyment. You'll get the full HD experience! Videos quickly download thanks to our fast, dedicated servers designed specifically for high-speed file transfers.

How Our Vimeo Video Downloader Works

Our Vimeo downloader makes saving videos from Vimeo for offline viewing an absolute cinch. The tool couldn't be easier to use - follow these three simple steps:

Copy the Vimeo Video URL

First, navigate to the Vimeo video page of the clip you want to download. Copy its URL from your browser's address bar. Typically, the URL looks like this format:

Where the numbers are the unique ID of the video, this URL is important because it tells our downloader exactly which Vimeo video you want to save.

To copy the URL, highlight it in your browser's address bar and press Ctrl+C on Windows/Linux or Cmd+C on Mac. This copies the link text so we can paste it in step 2. Alternatively, you can right click the address bar and select copy from the context menu if you prefer.

Have we got the Vimeo video page URL copied? Great - let's move on pasting it into our downloader tool!

Paste Video URL and Select Quality

Go to our Vimeo Downloader site and paste the copied Vimeo video URL into the input field using Ctrl+V or Cmd+V. Or you can right click the input box and pick "Paste" too - whatever way you prefer to paste copied text.

As soon as you paste a valid Vimeo link into our tool, the Download button will become clickable.

Next, choose the quality you want to download the Vimeo video file. We support downloading the original source quality up to crystal clear 1080p High Definition. Select the resolution that best fits your needs. Higher quality videos come in larger file sizes, so keep in mind where you plan to store and watch the video offline later when picking quality.

Once you decide on video quality, the last required step is to initiate the download.

Download Vimeo Video

Finally, click or tap the Download button in our Vimeo downloading tool interface. This will instantly trigger our high-speed servers to grab your desired Vimeo video file for offline usage.

A window will appear showing the video download progress. Depending on the runtime and quality selected, downloads usually complete quickly, thanks to our optimized infrastructure.

Once finished, you'll be presented with the downloaded Vimeo video file and options to open the folder it saved to or close the downloader program.

And that's it! By following those 3 quick and easy steps, you can leverage our tool to effortlessly save just about any Vimeo video for watching offline anytime. Give it a try - in mere minutes, you'll be building an offline library of your favourite Vimeo content!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of videos can you download from Vimeo?

Our Vimeo downloader works for any video hosted publicly on Vimeo. If you can access and watch the video on Vimeo without logging in, our tool can download it. Both free and premium Vimeo videos are supported.

Do I need to pay or register to use the downloader?

Nope, our Vimeo downloading tool is completely free to use! No registration, logins or fees are required. We believe essential web utilities should be free for all.

Does the downloader work on mobile devices?

Yes! Our Vimeo download tool works seamlessly on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can copy and paste Vimeo video URLs to download clips from iOS or Android apps for offline viewing.

How do I download Vimeo videos in the highest quality possible?

When using the downloader, choose the largest resolution available on the video quality dropdown menu before initiating the download. We allow saving Vimeo videos up to Full High Definition 1080p quality for the best viewing experience.

Is downloading Vimeo videos legal?

It depends on your country's copyright laws if downloading Vimeo videos is legal or not. Our tool itself gives you the technical means to save Vimeo clips. We recommend using our downloader only for videos you have the rights to reproduce or that the content owner permits downloading.

Why do some Vimeo videos fail to download?

Sometimes, a Vimeo video's owner may only allow it to be downloaded if it's public. Usually, this is because the video contains copyrighted material. Our downloader can only save what Vimeo legally permits for redistribution, so restricted clips cannot be downloaded.

What formats are the Vimeo downloads saved in?

We allow saving Vimeo videos in MP4 or WEBM file formats. Both work with any modern media player and device for seamless offline video playback. The video file extension will automatically match the format you select during the download.

Where do the downloaded Vimeo videos save to?

Our Vimeo downloading tool default saves videos to your regular device downloads folder. On mobile, this is in internal device storage. You can also tap the folder icon in the downloader interface to customize exactly where finished downloads are saved instead.